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Welcome to our website! This year, we have decide to make a website to help teens or anyone else dealing with issues cope with the stresses of life. One of the most important things to know is that you are not alone. Other people feel this way, too.

We invite you to explore the site as a fun way to spend some free time.
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Hello World!

welcome to the world
the world is a wonderful place
hello everybody
how's your day going?
this is a great place
ah yes, the world
I remember back when I went there
we call this one Earth
I've never left the world
where else would I go?
I can't breath without the air
I don't want to say goodbye
there are no mooshrooms in this world
I like to eat cows
vegans don't like animals
I think they're rather tasty
gotta eat to live
gotta steal to eat
otherwise we'd get along
but anyway...
we don't talk about-
this is a hello world site
nothing much going on here
the world
what else should I do?
bring it in, bring it in
I'm not gonna do that

This poem was written all in one go without any idea of what the actual poem would be about. I read the title "Hello World!" and just started writing. It could start from anything and go whatever direction you would like. Clearly, I had a lot of Disney songs in my head when I wrote it, if you got my references. I want you to try to make something similar. Choose whatever word or phrase pops into your head next and start writing.

Go on just do it.

C'mon, start writing

Sometimes it helps to repeat something many times with different wording until you get a new idea.

I want you to write it somewhere you'll see it again later

Maybe put it in a Google Doc, an email draft, or a Notes file on your phone

Why are you still scrolling?

Don't you have that big assignment due soon?

Is this really the most effective use of your time?

What is time, really, other than a construct thought up by society to control the lives of humans?


Why must you spend all this time an your screen when there isn't even anything useful to see?

Given you made it this far, I'll help you get back to any lines of text you may have missed.
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